Real estate sales training provides a powerful roadmap for a successful, need-based dialogue about real estate.

Critical Issues Facing Real Estate Professionals:

  • Real estate professionals need to raise the quality of their sales calls with sellers to help them better understand the real estate transaction and the services that they can provide.
  • Real estate professionals must approach more informed buyers with insight that adds value to the conversation and continues their education of the buying process.
  • Agents must learn to discover client’s needs while linking these needs persuasively.
  • Real estate agents must learn to quickly resolve objections and resistance in a client-focused manner
  • Real estate professionals, whether representing sellers or buyers must focus on closing effectively in order to move the deal forward.

J. Rockcliff’s Consultative Selling Skills Training Helps Sales People to Effectively Execute their Sales Conversations

J. Rockcliff Realtors’ Consultative Selling Skills training takes an in-depth look at the critical structure of a sales call or client meeting and provides a powerful roadmap for a successful, need-based dialogue. The program provides participants with tools to help close transactions to enable salespeople at every level to more effectively execute their sales conversations. The Consultative Selling Framework provides salespeople with a consistent, repeatable process for conducting an effective sales dialogue. The framework and skills learned will help empower salespeople to leverage their technical excellence and use every sales skill available to open more doors, better understand client needs, and close more deals.

  • Dramatically improve the quality of sales calls by bringing consistency and discipline to how sales calls are prepared for, structured, and executed
  • Drive revenue by providing agents with a framework and skills necessary to help engage clients, build business and close deals
  • Increase commissions by educating agents on the value that they provide when helping home buyers and sellers through the real estate transaction
  • Take the critical attributes every salesperson has in common – communication – and add a consultative process, language, and structure for interacting with clients and executing a “more perfect” sales call
  • Develop skills in building rapport during sales process to encourage clients to more openly and honestly share information about their needs, competitors, pricing, decision criteria, and other information critical to winning business.
  • Provide a questioning strategy to more effectively uncover client needs and enable a strategic and client-focused discussion about home ownership
  • More confidently ask for the business

J. Rockcliff Realtors’ training programs are all designed to provide real estate professionals with highly customized training that focuses on success, professionalism, and quality of service at all levels

Available in a variety of of formats, J. Rockcliff’s training includes classroom delivery, online eLearning, one-on-one coaching, or webinar; as well as a wide variety of relevant books and support materials to embed and sustain learning